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Home Benefits

■ Profit and Achievement Sharing

  • Awards for outstanding R&D engineers.
  • Competitive patent reward system.
  • Employee bonus and shareholder system.

■Wide-Ranging Insurance and Retirement System

  • Well designed retirement system.
  • Comprehensive labor/health insurance system.
  • Group insurance for employees: covers life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance for accidents, hospitalization insurance and cancer insurance.
  • Accident insurance for personnel stationed at overseas branches and offices to provide additional security.
  • Safety insurance for employees on overseas business trips to provide additional security.

■A Wide Variety of Leisure Activities for Employees

  • Club activities: includes a wide range of activities that encourage employees to express themselves and promotes group interaction.
  • Staff travel: offers travel subsidies for flexible travel plans so employees can enjoy themselves freely without restrictions.
  • Recreational and fitness facilities: Both Lite-On Technology Center and Chungho Plant are equipped with facilities for recreational activities, fitness and exercise, plus audio-video entertainment to keep employees healthy and release work-related stress.

■A Diversified Benefit System for Employees

  • Annual ceremonies to reward senior employees and outstanding personnel.
  • Annual Year-end party
  • Numerous books and periodicals available for employees’ to enrich knowledge and expertise.
  • Staff canteens and convenience stores at Lite-On Technology headquarters and the company’s Chungho Plant help employees maintain a healthy and affordable lifestyle.  
  • Various emergency allowances.
  • Scholarships for employees and their children.
  • Subsidies for marriages, funerals, births and hospitalization.
  • Gift vouchers and presents for birthdays and three major holidays.

■Friendly Work Environment

  • A work place designed for the safety and health of workers.
  • In-plant clinics provide additional security for employee’s work safety and health.
  • Gender equality in the workplace—gender will never hinder career development.